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AI Compliance – holistic,

We, as proud Europeans, actively promote AI governance in a technology-based manner so that you can concentrate on your core business without disruption.

Our product

The first holistic technology solution for seamless AI regulatory compliance


Discovery & Inventory

Start your AI compliance with a workshop approach, supported by our dynamic toolset for a comprehensive, audit-proof capture process.


Risk assessment

Conduct a structured assessment of AI risks with our customized gap analysis and validation of compliance standards.


Compliance Monitoring

Ensure continuous standard compliance with our automated documentation and quality recording system.


Certification automation

Simplify certification with our automated system that dynamically coordinates responsibilities and compliance processes.

End-to-end software support for the entire AI governance process
Simplifies standardization and facilitates auditor integration
Highly flexible, containerized solution that is compatible with all systems
Reproducibility, audit-proof security, role-based access, and multi-tenant capabilities

Our Product Features

The perfect foundation for a highly automated AI certification.

Assessment Module:

Flexible and adaptable AI risk assessment

Risk-Scoring Kernel:

Precise and audit-proof results

  • Flexibly adaptable to any AI regulation in different geographic regions

  • Various question types (end-to-end, API, closed questions, uploads)

  • Question catalog already interpreted and practically relevant in the EU

Certification Module:

Automated and dynamic certification

  • Automatic generation of dynamic PDF certificates for compliance

  • Automated reporting to regulatory authorities through API interfaces

  • Role model for auditors, ideal for collaboration with TIC companies

  • Configurable independent of the assessment process

  • Segment scoring for differentiated analyses and evaluations

  • Audit-proof results for maximum reliability and security

Monitoring Module:

Continuous and reliable monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of the behavior and compliance status of AI systems

  • Detailed reports and notifications on deviations from standards

  • Supports proactive compliance management and audit preparation


Regulatory framework compliance

Our solution supports diverse regulatory frameworks for enhanced operational conformity through a process-driven, top-down approach.


The team behind

Our team has a wealth of experience in production and
Engineering of AI, shaped by leadership roles in world-leading
technology companies and strategic innovation initiatives. With profound
Insights from founding and scaling tech startups to developing
and marketing of complex IT systems and SaaS solutions, we bring a
exceptional depth and breadth of experience in the dynamic field of AI certification.

Start your AI Governance journey today with our MasterClass

Image by Emmanuel Kontokalos

Join our masterclass now and get ready for the upcoming EU AI Act. Benefit from carefully selected speakers from academia and practice who share in-depth expertise and practical experience to optimally prepare you for the new regulatory requirements.

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